StorSystem™ Tote Trays

Shatterproof Tote Trays are the essential component to an evolving self-organized environment. The broad range of size options supports the organization of the smallest manipulatives to the largest of resources. This diversity keeps an environment de-cluttered, allowing for highly mobile educational activities. Housing trays in various carts or wall units allows trays to be reconfigurable. Incorporating storage enhancements creatively permits personalization. Trays with lids are stackable.

  • Shatterproof Construction: Crystal Line Tote Trays injected molded with engineering grade ABS, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Solid Color Tote Trays injected molded from SuperTuff HIPS, High Impact Polystyrene.
  • Unique Dual Labeling System: Ticket window label or ‘E-Z Peel’ area for larger sticky labels.
  • Options: Two Widths: 12 ¼” & 18 ½”, Four Depths: 3”, 6”, 9” and 12”, (18) Colors
  • Strength & Resistance: Shatterproof HIPS & CRYSTAL LINE ABS tote trays are BS 5873 (part 4) : 1998 & BS EN 16121-1 : 2013 certified, exceeding all four certification requirements. StorSystem™ Tote Trays made from HIPS & ABS are up to 8 times stronger than other tote trays made from PP & TFPP. HIPS & ABS Tote Trays support a wide temperate range and is chemical resistant to various acids, alkalis, alcohols, and oils.
  • Cleaning: Smooth radius corners of 3/16” ease cleaning in sanitary environments; simply clean with soap & water. Function: Due to Runner design, Tote Trays are interchangeable, reversible, and reconfigurable. Personalize storage with optional Inserts, Ticket Windows, Lids, and File Frame Inserts.
  • Warranty: All Tote Trays carry a Limited Lifetime warranty.
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